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The official ALF DVDs

Well, this part of Stephan's ALF-Page is about what lots of ALF viewers all around the world have been dreaming about: Finally, ALF arrived on DVD! :-)

There are two ALF DVD products out there now:

  • The ALF Files - a cool special DVD with 3 hour-long episodes and lots of extras, and the
  • ALF - Season 1 Box Set - finally, the complete first season with 26 episodes is available! :-)

The ALF Files

In November 2002, the Canadian Company Video Service Corp. (and its president Jonathan Gross) made it possible for the first time: ALF on DVD!
In a special set called "ALF Files" they brought the 3 hour-long double-episodes of the show onto one disc (or as an alternative, on VHS too), along with great extras like a commentary from show creator Paul Fusco himself!
The first time the show made it onto DVD, and then immediately they have great extras like that - it's simply not to be missed! ;-)

Just click onto the banner above to order your copy now! :-)

DVD Info, Pictures & Episodes

The DVD "ALF Files" is a Canadian DVD, which means it's Region 1 encoded. It should play without any problem in all DVD players in Canada or the USA, still f.e. people from Region 2 (Europe) need to have a code-free Player or one that can be set onto Region 1 (same applies for Regions 3-5, too).
Furthermore, the DVD is an NTSC DVD, but still it should Playback just fine on most PAL TV sets outside of the NTSC Regions of Canada, America and Japan, too, as with DVD the different TV systems are not so much of a problem than with VCR tapes.

If you would like to order the ALF DVD, it's "No Problem!" :-) as Video Service Corps' ships worldwide!
When you check out with your shopping cart at, you will also see the shipping costs for your country, and of course you can conveniently pay via Credit Card like Visa or MasterCard.
The DVD itself comes in a nicely designed hard cover box and it contains the following three episodes plus the specials visible on the screenshot on the right. To order your copy of the official ALF DVD, simply click on the banner above! :-)

The following episode descriptions as well as all the screenshots of the DVD on this page are by Rob Henson. Thank you very much!

ALF's Special Christmas

In #2.12+13 "ALF's Special Christmas (Part 1+2)" the Tanners check into a remote cabin in the woods. ALF accidentally gives Willie some Poison Ivy mistaking it for Holly. As a result Willie gets an allergic reaction and ALF runs away to the local hospital, where he is mistaken for a toy and given to a girl called Tiffany. The story continues as ALF does some good deeds, helping Tiffany to have a good Christmas, delivering a baby in an elevator, and helping the owner of the cabin, Mr Foley, to realise that he shouldn’t commit suicide. It is quite a heavy, heart felt story for a comedy, but it still remains quite funny.

Try To Remember

#1.15+16 "Try To Remember (Part 1+2)" is probably the best special. The story begins with ALF hitting his head in the shower, and waking up believing he is an insurance salesman called Wayne Schagel who thinks the Tanners are holding him hostage. The story is just an excuse for a best of series of clips as the Tanners try to remind ALF of who he really is. The clips are very funny, and are mainly taken from the ALF movie where he first arrives at the tanners house as a crash landing alien.

Tonight, Tonight

In #3.4+5 "Tonight Tonight (Part 1+2)" ALF is the guest host for Johnny Carson. With other guests including Ed McMahon, Tommy Newsome, Fred de Cordova, Rich Little, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Joan Embery, and the Pope. This special is also an excuse for a lot of best of clips, this time from the series. Some of them are very funny, such as when ALF gets space Hick Ups.

Order now at!

ALF - Season 1 Box Set

Image from - website reporting about TV show DVD releases.

It's the news for all ALF fans around: Lions Gate Home Entertainment is releasing the first season of ALF on DVD! :-)

After years of negotiations and questions about copyrights being resolved, finally a box set containing 4 discs with all 26 episodes of the first season is available at shops now!

The release date is August 10, 2004.

The list price is 39.98 USD, still at internet stores like or it's a lot cheaper: Amazon shows 27,99$, and at the Canadian retailer DVD Soon it's even just nearly 24.20$ USD (that's would the price of 31.98 CAD equals, or only around 19,45€ for those located in Europe).

Both Amazon and DVD Soon ship world-wide, and at DVD Soon, shipping is always free, world-wide, and with Amazon's Super-Saver Shipping taking 5 days extra, DVD Soon may be even quicker when delivering to the USA.

The complete runtime of the 4 DVD set is 616 minutes. If the release of the first season is successful enough, then also the other seasons may be coming to DVD, as publisher Lions Gate Home Entertainment stated towards Stephan's ALF-Page/
But with the ALF Season 1 Set already being on Sales Rank 278 with DVDs now (July 7, 2004), still one month to go until the actual release, who doubts that there would be the demand for the complete ALF series? :-)

And then furthermore, as having the (and each single one is really great) 26 season 1 episodes finally in crystal-clear DVD quality wouldn't be enough, according to ALF creator Paul Fusco, there's even bonus material on the DVD that includes an ALF trivia game and outtakes & bloopers from the series! :-)
So that makes it an absolute must-have item, at least for me; and even more with this price, which I think is really fair and still moderate compared to season sets of other shows.

More information or order now at! (27,99$)
Order now at DVD Soon! (31,98 CAD$, equaling about 24.20$ USD)

You can subscribe to the ALF newsletter to be informed when new ALF DVDs (f.e. like with the whole series) are released or when any other big news happen in the ALF World. :-) The newsletter also reports about all other additions to Stephan's ALF-Page and about all news in the ALF world.

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