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 Project: ALF

Project: ALF

Project: ALFALF - Der Film
"Project: ALF", the ALF tv movie, is called "ALF - der Film" (= ALF - the movie) in Germany.

On this page, you'll find the following things about "Project: ALF":
some info about the ALF movie,
the most important links and
lots of pictures.

Facts about "Project: ALF"

Everyone who saw the very last episode of the series "ALF" (ep. #102 - "Consider Me Gone") noticed that it is not a real ending. In the very first airing in the USA, even a "...To Be Continued" could be read which disappeared lated. So it's more kind of an open end, which allows the producers to continue the story later.
Well, it took six years (from 1990 to 1996) until the creators of ALF, Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett, decided to use this chance. They produced "Project: ALF", a 1-and-a-half-hour-long tv movie which aired also 1996 on ABC. (Not NBC where the series was aired).

While in the USA, "Project ALF" was only shown on TV, in Germany, due to ALF's popularity here still in 1996, the tv movie came into the theaters! It was not that successful in the cinema, though, but around 250.000 people watched ALF in the german movie theaters (although ALF the TV series was showed daily on TV at the same time). A few month later, the american TV movie "Project: ALF", which is called "ALF - der Film" in Germany, came into the video stores. And on 21th July 1998, finally "Project: ALF" was shown on Germany TV. Of course, it was aired in prime time (8.15 p.m.) on RTL TV and it ratings were really amazing. Due to a soccer championchips game which was on at the same time, only 3.2 million people watched the film (without the game it would have been more, I think), but it more than every other big motion picture had that evening.

There's more about "ALF - der Film" on my german Project ALF page which I haven't translated yet, but it is related to the German airing of the film (like the last paragraph before this).

Well, here's some additional info on "Project: ALF" in the United States: The movie was aired several times on the Odyssey Channel. They've broadcast the movie like four times a year, until August 2001. The Odyssey Channel was renamed Hallmark Channel, and ALF left the TV station's shedule, and so did "Project: ALF"...

Still the german version of "Project: ALF" is available as VHS and DVD, and from time to time an NTSC english-language version of "Project: ALF" is for sale at Ebay. The trick is to check the "Search titles and descriptions" box, in case you do not get search results for "Project ALF" auctions in the first place.
You have to be registred to bid for something at ebay, I guess you are already registred at ebay, if not just click on "register now" in the "Welcome new users" section in the upper right.
Click here for eBay!


You can also get information about "Project: ALF" at the Internet Movie Database (UK server, US server, German server).

You can buy "Project: ALF" on VHS as well as on DVD!
Want to know more about this? Check out my "Buy ALF stuff now"-page! :-)

Pictures from "Project: ALF"

NEW! I've created six pages containing all my pictures from the movie.
WARNING: Each volume of ALF pages is more than 300 Kb long! So the download could take a little time (for example with a slower connection!).
The images are chronologic order, like volume 1 shows how the movie begins, and at the end of volume 6 you'll find stills of the final scene. All in all more than 70 pics from the movie are available!

Enjoy The Pics! :-)

Anything to add? - Comments, suggestions or something to criticize? - Please send me an e-mail!

Thank you for visiting my pages!

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Last Update: 4 October 2001