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 Buy ALF stuff now!

Buy ALF stuff now!

Right here, right now, you can buy ALF-related products online - in association with well-known online stores. Concretely this means shops like, The NBC Store, eMerchandising,, and others.

More info on ALF-related products, no matter if they are available or not, can also be found on the ALF merchandising page.

So here's a overview of the ALF merchandising or ALF-related products on this page:

Here's even more ALF merchandising for sale now on seperate extra pages:

Talking ALF Plush
This is so cool, that this item is available again brandnew!
An NBC Classic, ALF is back from Melmac into your home! This 15" tall, plush ALF doll says 6 different phrases when you squeeze his little alien hand, including "Here Kitty, Kitty," "I'm a people alien," "Gimme Four!" and more! For ages 3 and up.
Made of 100% polyester fibers. May contain wire stiffeners. Remove all tags, ties, plastic loops, and packaging before giving toy to a child. Imported.
! Warning: CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for Children Under 3 years
Just $30.00 at The NBC Store!
Important: Shipping & Handling is $4.45!
Order now at The NBC Store!
Talking Plush ALF
Click here to order
at The NBC Store

Project: ALF - DVD (Region 2 - Europe)
Widescreen Edition, only german language, Dolby Surround!
Just 4.97 Euro at! (about 6 USD) ships worldwide*!
(*check "Versandbedingungen"/"Versandkosten" for shipping costs)
Order now at!

Click on the image for full-size-cover.
Click here to order at!

Project: ALF - VHS Video PAL
Pan&Scan Full Screen Version, only german language, Dolby Surround!
Just 4.99 Euro at! (about 6 US Dollars) ships worldwide*!
(*check "Versandbedingungen"/"Versandkosten" for shipping costs)
Order now at!

Click on the image for full-size-cover.
Click here to order at!

Common Threads: Stories From The Quilt - DVD
This 1989 movie includes a segment with an ALF appearance in it. Unfortunately, I haven't seen this one yet, but it seems to be a great film, as it won lots of awards including the 1990 Interfilm Award at the Berlin Festival and the 1990 Oscar in the category "Best Documentary, Features"!
For more information on the movie "Common Threads: Stories From The Quilt" including the appearance by ALF visit the movies official website at Telling Pictures.
It's an US DVD (Region 1 - NTSC), prize: 26.96 US dollars. delivers worldwide!
Order now at!
PS: You can also purchase the VHS version of the movie directly at Telling Pictures.

Click here to order at!

Permanent Midnight - DVD
Of course also the movie called "Permanent Midnight" is available at
It's based on the book called "Permanent Midnight", and in the movie Ben Stiller plays the screenplay writer Jerry Stahl, who also wrote three episodes of ALF.
You can read a little bit more about at the bottom of the ALF trivia page.
It's an US DVD (Region 1 - NTSC), prize: 13.48 US dollars. delivers worldwide!
Order now at!

Click here to order at!

Permanent Midnight - VHS
Again, this is Permanent Midnight, this time as the english VHS.
It's an NTSC VHS, with Color, Closed-captioning & Dolby Sound. prize: 9.98 US dollars. delivers worldwide!
Order now at!

Click here to order at!

Television's Greatest Hits Vol.6
Get the ALF theme song on an official CD!
It contains 62 theme songs of popular TV shows!
Some of the other shows are Hunter, MacGyver, Knight Rider, Airwolf, The Incredible Hulk, V: The Series, Golden Girls, Mr. Belvedere, Mork & Mindy and Trapper John MD.
It's available (used or at Marketplace) at!
Original prize was: 18.97 US dollars.
Order now at!

Click on the image for full-size-cover -
Click here to order at!

ALF cools off
It was a great thing: An official ALF book from 1988 still available at! But since the summer 2001, it's out of stock...
The book was great for ALF collectors as well as a nice gift idea! prize was 2.95 US dollars + special surcharge.
Available at!

Sorry, out of stock, just available as used at!

That's it, folks, for the moment.
And in addition to this brand new products from professional sellers, you can also find other stuff at internet marketplaces, just see below.
Furthermore, there are some german TV books also dealing with ALF available, just take a look at the merchandising page to see how to order them.

In case you know about one more online store selling ALF products, please let me know so I can put it on this page.
Thank you.

Added recently!

New possibility to get ALF tapes or any other kind of ALF stuff

Well, you can try to find nearly every kind of ALF merchandising at Ebay, I already saw ALF tapes, dolls, shirts, mugs, comics, books, computer games, even ALF costumes or ALF screenplay copies for sale there!

I guess you already are registred at ebay, if not just use this link:
Click here for eBay!

This link above will take you directly to Ebay and then just click on "register" in the upper right corner to become an Ebay member. And then you can usually find hundreds of ALF things for sale when you type in ALF into the "search" box...

Thank you!

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